Monday, February 26, 2018

New Super Massive Black Holes Theory

I just read about a new theory.....
"Maybe there is no connection between super massive black holes and their host Galaxies"
I'm not an astrophysicist but seems to me they overlooked something....
Those super massive black holes are all found at the center of those host Galaxies & the entire galaxy rotates around it...
*disclaimer* i would have to read that article a few more times to understand it fully..

Monday, November 06, 2017


God's word was originally written in Aramic,Hebrew and Greek.
I think something was lost in the translations,so when people are "praying" they are really praying for something else.
Here are a few examples when people pray and the actual translations:

Prayer:  God Please don't allow any more gun deaths.
Translation:God protect the NRA and allow them to buy more politicians & give us at least one mass shooting every month.

Prayer: God please give the family members of slain victims strength to carry on after this senseless attack.
Translation: God make it so this isn't the time to talk about gun control.

Prayer: God please cure my loved one of their terminal disease.
Translation: God don't ever cure anything..

Prayer:God please give Trump the wisdom to lead our country.
Translation: God please make Trump a dimwit.

these are just a few examples, i'm sure you can think of more.

Wednesday, June 21, 2017


Benghazi hearings were a political scam..they stopped once it was revealed as such on videos...
Private server was a scam also that didn't get as much traction once it was revealed she broke no laws..... although,she was found guilty of carelessness punishable by having a stern talking to (over 11 hours with no lawyer lol)
Hillary (Killary) was not found guilty of killing anyone she may have been acquainted with or was opposed to.
Don't forget the Clinton foundation lies that produced nothing.
They kept throwing mud on the wall but nothing was sticking.
Then the Russians hacked some emails and delivered them to wikileaks,as an attempt to influence our election in favor of one candidate over the other.(never mind who won,it worked anyway)
However,"but her emails" mantra carried on and many voted against Hillary for that main reason.. So When people say no votes were actually changed because of the Russian hacking, ask them about the: "but what about her emails" people..
These are the very people who the Russians counted on... they knew they were easily influenced simpletons (they saw Fox News do it every day)..

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Sunrise on a hill in a small town

   I woke up this morning with a short story in my head. It wasn't a dream left over as I was becoming conscious, it was a story unfolding with It's own consciousness. There isn't much to describe because it takes place in a small but modern town just before sunrise,or more specifically, as the sun is rising.It is still dark outside as the story begins on a small hill overlooking the small, quiet town.
  "I love how the birds sing in the mornings to greet the sun when it rises", he said quietly as he slid closer to her. "I'm glad we were able to share this sunrise together." she replied. She was the happiest she had felt since forever, but the sadness in her voice came through anyway. "you know they'll come looking for us soon"and she let out a sigh.. "I know,but lets just enjoy the sunrise and the morning songs of the birds while we can for now". "At least we'll see them coming from up here" he said.
  "Billy, Clara!" she shouted from downstairs "bring your suitcases so i can load them in the car"."Mommy,Mommy Billy says i can't bring my stuffed dinosaur on the plane with me" Clara sobbed. "Can I?"."Of course you can and Billy stop teasing your sister".The family has a 4 hour drive to the airport to catch the first plane leaving for California so they can spend their first summer with their dad since the divorce."I'm glad we have a self driving car and I expect to get some more sleep on the way to the Airport, so you kids better behave".Waking up before dawn was never Martha's favorite activity, karaoke singing is and she is going to have a blast singing karaoke this summer while the kids are vising their father.
  Across town Henry wasn't sure what woke him first, the loud steps running down the hall towards the bedroom or his wife shouting "HENRY WAKE UP!". Not sure if he was dreaming and only half awake he mumbled "What's happening? , what time is it?". "It's 4:45 in the morning and the car is gone!!!!"his wife screamed."Calm down honey, the car has all the latest anti-theft security on it". "Did you turn the auto-drive off when you parked it last night or did you forget again?" Henry started laughing because of what happened the last time she forgot to turn the auto-drive off.Last time the car was found driving up and down the main street in their little town honking its horn and flashing it's lights at other drivers going to work in the morning..
  "This was the best sunrise I've ever seen" she said,"thank you for bringing me here"."maybe we can do this again sometime" he said, as they watched the headlights coming up the road to the top of the hill. "they found us" she sighed. "I know,let's just enjoy the moment for now" he said in a comforting voice

Thursday, May 11, 2017


If a bank gets robbed in my town, why would i ask the FBI 3 times if i was under investigation for it if i know i didn't rob it? very peculiar statement from Trump..
no american press were allowed with Trump when he met with the Russians.. that means no questions about Crimea, Ukraine or chemical weapons used in Syria.I bet he didn't bring up the subjects either ..
mark my words, Trump's next FBI chief will recommend charges against Hillary as one more "campaign promise" kept..that is the "mishandling" of Hillary's emails they are referring to

Saturday, March 18, 2017


I recently read this on
[...North Korea’s nuclear program poses an “imminent" threat that nonetheless requires the United States, China, and other countries to respond with a "staged approach" that includes sanctions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a rare encounter with the media...]

Once that word is used it opens a constitutional trigger. Trump is given sole authority in matters of "imminent" dangers.He can now, unilaterally, (without any other countries support) attack N.Korea, preemptively.He can also order a preemptive strike with NO consultation at all. If you start seeing phrases with these words; "imminent ,imminent danger" You'll know what's about to happen.

 You have to wonder what the N. Korean leader might do if he believed his nuclear arsenal was about to be bombed....