Thursday, October 20, 2016

You knew. You all knew. You knew the whole time.

You knew. You all knew. You knew the whole time who and what Donald Trump is.

Mike Pence. Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell. Ted Cruz. Chris Christie. Newt Gingrich. Orrin Hatch. John McCain. Marco Rubio. Virtually all of you.
ou Knew Who Trump Was When You Endorsed Him, Republican Leaders
You will never live down what you’ve done.

You heard every terrible thing he said. You watched every inexcusable thing he did. You knew Trump is a race-baiting, xenophobic, misogynistic, authoritarian con man. You knew about his insatiable appetite for power, his bottomless need for affirmation, his dangerous impulsiveness and uncontrollable temper. You knew he was a huckster who ruined businesses and lives. You knew he debased your party, and you personally. You knew.

You knew he waged a racist campaign against the president’s legitimacy. You knew he called immigrants rapists. You knew he advocated forbidding Muslims from American soil. You knew he said a federal judge wasn’t qualified because Mexican blood flowed through his veins. You knew he besmirched the parents of a dead soldier. You knew he mocked prisoners of war. You knew he courted white supremacists. You knew he admires dictators. You knew he incited violence. You knew he lies ? blatantly, shamelessly, ceaselessly.

You knew all of that, and you asked Americans to elect him president anyway. Shame on you. You knew.

Your condemnations are and have always been empty. Your sudden rush to abandon Trump ? after what’s merely the most recently uncovered manifestation of his hatred for women ? is motivated by the same venal cowardice that led you to support him in the first place.

You knew Hillary Clinton isn’t the monstrous caricature you spent decades depicting. You knew she is ? like each and every one of you ? an ordinary politician, in all the ways that word has positive and negative connotations. You knew she would govern in a perfectly normal way.

You knew this, but you told voters she was more dangerous than Trump. More evil. A greater threat to the republic. And this, after so many of you spent the presidential primary campaign warning the U.S. that Trump is exactly who he appears to be. But you fell in line. You knew, and you endorsed him anyway.

You did all of this in service of ideology. You did this because you believe Trump will enact the policies you favor to allow businesses to pump more pollution into our air and water, to take away food and medicine from the neediest among us, to disenfranchise minority voters, to slash taxes for the rich.

Your voters elevated Trump nearly to the White House, and he may yet make it there, in spite of everything. They did so because you have primed them for Trump for more than half a century. Half a century of barely concealed appeals to racism, of fomenting fear and hatred and coaxing the worst instincts out of enough voters to gain power. Years of nurturing ? on AM radio and cable TV and the internet ? a propaganda machine that encourages ignorance, mistrust and anger.

You have lost control of the golem you created.

You made promises you knew you couldn’t keep, and your voters finally lost faith in you. Now, they’re turning on you.

They follow a man who doesn’t even share your beliefs. You’re learning just how little those voters cared about conservatism and how very much they cared about stomping their boots on the throats of people who don’t look like them or love like them or think like them. You made this possible by making villains out of African-Americans, Latinos, LGBTQ people, the poor.

When this is all over, you may win your own re-elections. You may retain control of Congress and of governors mansions, state legislatures, county councils and school boards all across the nation. You may sigh in relief that you survived. You may even ? and not terribly long from now ? regain the presidency and resume carrying out your agenda. Your own careers may be successful.

But history will condemn you. History won’t forget your callowness. Because you knew...Jeffrey Young

Thursday, September 22, 2016


 Let me explain... I decided to put my mindset into that of a Conservative Christian Republican Trump supporter Fox News fan and walk to the cigarette store.In order to prepare myself before I left, I went to,,and Tony Perkins' Family Research Council ( websites to fill up on fear and hate.I then became a "Deplorable".
  Normally a 7 minute walk, it took me 20 minutes as I was praying with each step to the Almighty Lord Jesus Christ,Lord of all Lords,king of all kings,etc and judging people (mostly women)..I walked and repeated as I prayed "I want my country back,I want my country back"..Which one of these whores had an abortion I  wondered, which ones were gay,who was cheating on their spouses,where did all these illegal immigrants come from,and who are all the moochers on welfare, etc...
  When I finally arrived at the cigarette store and entered, I noticed no one was in there..Where is the sales clerk I wondered, is he in the back room being robbed? It was then I was wishing I had brought a gun with me, in case I needed to be that good guy with a gun or to be able to "stand my ground".
  It was at that moment a brown skinned muslim looking arab with a beard stepped out of the back room and walked to the counter. He was looking at me and smiling.Why is he smiling at me I thought,is he gay, is going to kill me , was he back there making a bomb, was he praying to Allah? I thought I was gonna die at the hands of a gay islamic terrrorist that day and hoping I had clean underwear on in case I lived and was taken to the hospital.
  I wanted to say "Keep your hands where i can see them you fucking terrorist"."Give me some cigarettes and go back to Syria" i was going to say, but then i snapped out of it. Instead I said in a politically correct tone,"a pack of camel 99's please". I made my purchase and as I was leaving he said "thank you,have a nice day".
  My walk back home only took 7 minutes and i found myself smiling at the people I passed on the street and not caring a bit about what anyone else was up to in those cars passing by..For about 30 seconds yesterday I thought I was going to be killed by a gay Islamic Terrorist. Sure glad it was a temporary mindset or I would have ended up with an ulcer..I won't be doing that experiment again..

Thursday, June 23, 2016

gun control regulation vs. due process

   Yes the Democrats are staging a publicity stunt by having their sit in.
the Republican's opposition to stopping people on a terror watch list or no fly list from buying weapons is that citizens constitutional rights are being violated.They claim citizens can be refused the ability to buy a gun without a court order or due process and that's their reason for opposing gun sale restrictions..
  here's the trouble with that logic:
1) The Patriot Act allows the government to detain you at Guantanamo WITHOUT DUE PROCESS
2)You can be put on a terror list or no fly list WITHOUT DUE PROCESS
3)American citizens can be bombed by a drone in foreign countries WITHOUT DUE PROCESS

 I have to ask myself; why are they only concerned about "DUE PROCESS" when it comes to guns?
    The majority of citizens, including the majority of NRA members and the majority of Republican voters want sensible gun regulations.Why are they opposing it?
    Of course I have my theory why they oppose any gun regulations: That's because they fear losing NRA donations and they fear the NRA convincing people to not vote for them. They need to learn to fear the voters who will vote them out for not doing their jobs for citizen's wishes instead of the NRA's wishes.
    Yes the Democrats are staging a publicity stunt in order to make people aware.What else can they do when the Republican congress adjourned the session , cut the cameras and blocked reporters from attending thinking we would not know what was at stake..They forgot about periscope  and c-span rebroadcasting periscope.
    No one is coming to take away your guns and no one is wanting to abolish the 2nd amendment and it's a sad commentary on the level of ignorance for those who believe they are.

Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trump VP prediction

Trump needs something to be able to beat Hillary. My prediction is he will select Representative Darrell Issa as his running mate. That way he can get more Hillary hating simpletons voting for him.

Friday, March 04, 2016

Political Scandal Predictions

  Having not heard anything lately about Benghazi, after it was shown to be a political smear campaign, i have a prediction....
  After Bernie Sanders drops out of the presidential race and Hillary is the candidate there will be a "new" scandal involving Hillary with Benghazi or her Emails. This will happen after he drops out and most likely in late summer(Aug. or Sept.)....
  They will use innuendos and inferences to twist the story so that the less educated will bite and vote according to the lies.Remember the heavily edited videos about family planning selling baby parts? That type of rhetoric works,just  look at the laws being passed based on that fake video even though all investigations proved otherwise....

 IF Bernie wins the nomination, we'll be hearing socialism scare stories. Only less educated people will believe that our country, based in democracy, with our constitution and being a capitalistic society will become a socialist country....[this one isn't a prediction, it's more like an inevitability IF Bernie is the nominee]