Sunday, January 08, 2017

PUTIN played you for a fool.. how does that feel comrade?

 As I watched Hillary become more and more "untrustworthy" as 2016 came along, I realized people were believing the lies and propaganda about her.."Crooked Hillary" was becoming the way people would describe her, even when you asked for facts. They never had facts, only innuendos, inferences and insinuations..
 At first I was polite and explained to  those believers that they were just misinformed. In fact I would often use a question like; "you are a Fox News fan aren't you?"
 In May 2016 I wrote in my blog to expect a "summer scandal surprise" of more bullshit about Hillary, which I expected to occur in August or September.I missed that prediction by 1 month.
 After May of 2016 I literally started  calling people stupid who continued to believe nonsense when presented with facts..Ignorance in this day and age is a choice.
  Now that the revelations are out about the Russians using fake stories and leaks to influence opinions about Hillary, I wonder how many "stupid" people will realize they were used like the idiots they are? Because of the Dunning–Kruger effect, I doubt they ever will.
 here is a list of things that will help identify an ignorant person that should  be fact checked or just ignored, If they believed or continue to believe any of these points:
1) Obama is coming for your guns
2) Hillary is coming for your guns
3) the government wants to microchip you
4) Obama is destroying the country
5) Democrats are socialists or even communists
6) Planned parenthood's primary function is to provide abortions
7) Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts
8) Trump is gonna make America great again
9) taxes and tariffs on imported goods will not raise the price you'll pay for those items
10) Immigrants are stealing your jobs, raping women and committing the majority of crimes
11) Climate change is a hoax
  This is just a small list of the nonsense stupid people believe, and if you are one of those people who believes any of those points as fact, please look up the term "Dunning–Kruger effect" and try to find a support group for the help you'll need to pull your head out of your ass.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump's death panel for coal miners

If you are a Republican Coal Miner with Black Lung Disease who voted for Trump, here is some news for you:
..1) Trump ain't bringing back your coal mining job.
..2) If Republicans repeal Obamacare, good luck finding affordable health insurance with your Pre-existing health condition
..3) You're gonna die much sooner than you would with Obamacare, and you deserve to die for believing Trump cares about you or your health.
 On a side note, you won't be around to have more children who will be raised to believe like you do..
 Call it poetic justice or natural selection evolution, either way you'll be dead and the 21st century will march on without you.
 The 21st century will be  renewable energy with windmills and solar panels & China will be the one selling those products.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Trump voters explained

I had an epiphany today
....It was in my face the whole time but I didn't see it for what it was.
During the Presidential campaign, there was mention that mainly college educated people were supportive of Hillary, and mainly uneducated people were supporting Trump.
...All this time when they said, uneducated i thought they meant non college educated, until I caught myself saying "those uneducated Trump voters sure are stupid".
...It was then I realized they were just being politically correct by identifying Trump voters as uneducated, when they really meant stupid.
...I always wondered why people would vote against their own interests and I even assumed the primary reason was a type of religious,racial or social bigotry. Now I realize they are just plain stupid, even those who have been college educated..
...It was there the whole time; the misspelled protest signs, the blind belief of Trumps promises(lies), the disbelief that the Benghazi hearings, and email investigations were nothing more than a smear tactic.
...Stupid explains it all.
...Stupid,ignorant,lamebrains,nitwits,dummies,dense,halfwits,mindless,moronic,doltish,senseless,simple,shortsighted,dim,naive,out to lunch,thickheaded,brainless,thick,imbecilic,foolish,gullible,simpleminded..just to name a few adjectives...

Monday, November 28, 2016

Trump will die in office

We can see how stressful the job of President of the United states is by looking at the white/grey hairs they get while in office. Trump has lived a life of leisure and privilege for his entire life and his heart won't be able to handle the stress. I predict he will have a massive heart attack or a stroke while he is in office.

Monday, November 21, 2016

Racists voted for Trump

Feel free to copy/paste this on your right wing buddies pages. I could have been
politically correct with my words but they abhor "politically correct" and admire
people who "tell it like it is" so here it is..

  You should have known that Trump was all those things that were being said of him
when you voted for him.....
 I have to stop right there because you DID know..You absolutely knew.

  The Alt-Right knew,the White Supremacists knew, the KKK knew, and the Neo-Nazis
knew. Even stupid people who clearly can't spell knew and YOU ALSO KNEW. You
didn't vote for him because you thought he was going to make America great again, you voted
for him because you thought he was going to rid America of brown people: Muslims &
Hispanics and lock up scary Black Men.

  I could say "you aren't a racist but you voted for one", but i don't believe
that. I believe you ARE somewhat racist and Trump convinced you he was gonna make
America white again.  You voted against your own interests because your only interest was to make
America white again. Well buckle up cupcake because the demographics are changing,
and soon there will be more dark skinned people in this country than white ones.

  Your best hope is to pray you aren't treated the same way you expect brown people
to be treated; with calloused indifference.(you won't be treated badly, except in your fear and hate filled world)  Hint: prayers haven't cured cancer yet so buckle up..

  When they post things like: more blacks are killed by black men, point out that
more whites are killed by white men.
  When they post about that one guy who was deported multiple times and killed a
white girl remind them that more white toddlers kill with guns than illegal
immigrants do.

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Make America Great...NEWS FLASH

Bad news flash for people who voted for Trump and who live in Republican controlled states:
~~ America will not be "white" again ~~
~~ The "wall" won't be built ~~
~~ Giving tax breaks to corporations and billionaires won't help you one bit ~~
~~ Muslims won't be banned from entering our country ~~
~~ China will lead the world in the manufacturing of windmills and solar panels ~~

Saturday, November 05, 2016

Top Secret email from Hillary to Obama

They'll never find the email they are looking for ... I actually hacked it years ago (Aug 2012) and erased it from her server..
This is a copy of a secret email I hacked  that Trey Gowdy was looking for.
*****TOP SECRET*****

Obama: Hillary, did you see the report by ambassador Stevens in Libya?

Hillary: Why yes I did, what difference does it make now?

Obama: What are you going to do about it? We have 3 weeks to figure something out don't we?

Hillary: I'm not gonna do anything but command all our soldiers to stand down and watch a video on Youtube.

Obama: This could mean trouble for me getting re-elected in 2012.. Should I send a drone to shut him up?
He's always crying about his life being in danger.

Hillary: No don't send a drone, I'd kill him myself if i could sneak over there and back.
We'll just let the terrorists kill him.

Obama: I'll make sure all the security agencies and ALL the media don't say a word about it.
 We'll need a good liar to tell the Sunday talk shows tho. Who is our best liar?

Hillary: We can get Susan Rice to lie for us.

Obama: Great idea. but aren't you worried about running for president IN 2016 if this scandal hits ?

Hillary: No i'm not because I'm an evil bitch, and besides, what difference does it make now ?