Saturday, March 18, 2017


I recently read this on
[...North Korea’s nuclear program poses an “imminent" threat that nonetheless requires the United States, China, and other countries to respond with a "staged approach" that includes sanctions, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson said in a rare encounter with the media...]

Once that word is used it opens a constitutional trigger. Trump is given sole authority in matters of "imminent" dangers.He can now, unilaterally, (without any other countries support) attack N.Korea, preemptively.He can also order a preemptive strike with NO consultation at all. If you start seeing phrases with these words; "imminent ,imminent danger" You'll know what's about to happen.

 You have to wonder what the N. Korean leader might do if he believed his nuclear arsenal was about to be bombed....  

Sunday, February 05, 2017

Plausible Alternative Reality

------Saturday night Tweet------
Trump Tweet: "Every single world leader is full of shit and when they open their mouths diarrhea comes out.Their countries are toilets".
---------Sunday talk shows------
"what does Trump mean by that tweet?"
Kellyanne conway:
"All that our glorious,all powerful,big hands leader of the free world is saying is that people should include more fiber in their diet. He just wants to make America & the world healthy again"
"Should Trump have tweeted what he did about world leaders and their countries?"
Sean Spicer:
"Trump said what he said, quit trying to twist words so you can report fake news..You won't report the truth which is; Trump is very concerned about the water that is being wasted by not using water saving toilets".

Thursday, February 02, 2017


I want to make a prediction about Trump.
 When the reality of his predicament sinks in he will have a meltdown or he'll be assassinated.
#1 He can't micro manage military actions
#2 He can't bully world leaders
#3 He can't run the country like a Dictator or CEO
#4 He can't stand to be laughed at by millions of people worldwide
#5 His companies will start losing millions

Sunday, January 29, 2017


   I'm a patriotic American and the muslim countries ban by Trump makes me very angry...
   I wonder what some muslim refugee who escaped to the USA back when Bush was bombing his country,town and neighborhood thinks about the ban? He's already here. He came when he was 5 years old. He's now about 21 years old. He went to our schools,he works in our businesses,he lives in our neighborhoods.  I can only wonder how angry HE must feel and how persecuted he must feel..
   I just picked an arbitrary age and gave a hypothetical example, but you have to ask yourself, how many more are there like him? But hey, that ban is gonna keep us safe right? The ban makes me feel LESS safe!!     No hard feelings and all right? Any muslim that retaliates now will only give more fuel for Trump's cross burning..

Sunday, January 08, 2017

PUTIN played you for a fool.. how does that feel comrade?

 As I watched Hillary become more and more "untrustworthy" as 2016 came along, I realized people were believing the lies and propaganda about her.."Crooked Hillary" was becoming the way people would describe her, even when you asked for facts. They never had facts, only innuendos, inferences and insinuations..
 At first I was polite and explained to  those believers that they were just misinformed. In fact I would often use a question like; "you are a Fox News fan aren't you?"
 In May 2016 I wrote in my blog to expect a "summer scandal surprise" of more bullshit about Hillary, which I expected to occur in August or September.I missed that prediction by 1 month.
 After May of 2016 I literally started  calling people stupid who continued to believe nonsense when presented with facts..Ignorance in this day and age is a choice.
  Now that the revelations are out about the Russians using fake stories and leaks to influence opinions about Hillary, I wonder how many "stupid" people will realize they were used like the idiots they are? Because of the Dunning–Kruger effect, I doubt they ever will.
 here is a list of things that will help identify an ignorant person that should  be fact checked or just ignored, If they believed or continue to believe any of these points:
1) Obama is coming for your guns
2) Hillary is coming for your guns
3) the government wants to microchip you
4) Obama is destroying the country
5) Democrats are socialists or even communists
6) Planned parenthood's primary function is to provide abortions
7) Planned Parenthood is selling baby parts
8) Trump is gonna make America great again
9) taxes and tariffs on imported goods will not raise the price you'll pay for those items
10) Immigrants are stealing your jobs, raping women and committing the majority of crimes
11) Climate change is a hoax
  This is just a small list of the nonsense stupid people believe, and if you are one of those people who believes any of those points as fact, please look up the term "Dunning–Kruger effect" and try to find a support group for the help you'll need to pull your head out of your ass.

Friday, December 16, 2016

Trump's death panel for coal miners

If you are a Republican Coal Miner with Black Lung Disease who voted for Trump, here is some news for you:
..1) Trump ain't bringing back your coal mining job.
..2) If Republicans repeal Obamacare, good luck finding affordable health insurance with your Pre-existing health condition
..3) You're gonna die much sooner than you would with Obamacare, and you deserve to die for believing Trump cares about you or your health.
 On a side note, you won't be around to have more children who will be raised to believe like you do..
 Call it poetic justice or natural selection evolution, either way you'll be dead and the 21st century will march on without you.
 The 21st century will be  renewable energy with windmills and solar panels & China will be the one selling those products.